Dock International school of Communication (DISC) grew out of  hours of inspiring conversations and happy hour sessions among a group of industry professionals. We quickly realized and shared the same vision of what makes a great vfx and animation training school especially when it forms along with Dock’s production division with more creative and innovative collaboration. Recognizing the possibilities, we have established in 2017 at the beautiful God’s Own Country’ – Emerging city Kochi, in India.

 Our Vision

DISC is developed as a finishing school, ideal for fresh graduates who want to kick start their professional  career in Animation and Visual Effects industry. Communicating the industry’s voice on training modules, our programmes gives the students, an opportunity to gain high quality information and driven skills which is essential for their career achievement. Our faculties are International and domestic professionals. By sharing the industry knowledge gathered from hundreds of world famous projects, we accelerate the change that required for our students who aim a production oriented entry in the field of animation and visual-fx. In every aspect of animation and VFX skills, there are a series of core skills that every new entrant should be armed with. By designing and preparing these elements together, courses at ‘DISC’ delivers both inspirational and aspirational training in a best effective way. At ‘DISC’, we precisely mould every students to realize their area of expertise, and taste the depth of specialism and excellence. This will ensure our VFX and Animation industry grow by inspiring and encouraging students and newcomers to be ambitious.

Courses Offered

  • Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects (1 year)
  • Advanced Diploma in Animation (1 year)
  • Finishing School – Production Training (6 Months)

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